Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Dream OS

My Dream OS is the os that I want to make by myself. I don't I am capable of making it or not, But some day I will make it. So Let me tell you about my OS
I am a very lazy person so I want every bloody thing on my desktop in front of me. If I am able to make my dream os, I will make it with linux as I want it Open Source so that other people can edit it as they want. So some of the description of my os. I will try to use as many of the learning algorithms as possible as i want it to learn user, the thing he do, topics he's interested in etc. I also want to implement Computer Vision and speech recognition so that i can control it through voice and through computer vision technology it will recognize me and notify me according to my presence as i don't want to miss any bloody notification. I want to integrate it with facebook as facebook is the best place to learn about the user.
He will use facebook to get certain data like where is he working, his friends, his family and the os will learn from his posts the topics in which he is interested. I want to make it totally social. So sometime a thought comes in my mind that i should name this os Social  os. :P. The very first step when user sign in the facebook is to get read the email ids of the user and display his mails. He will wish him on his birthday and will keep track of all the events through facebook and other events that user adds himself. I want to make this os assistant of the user. Will display facebook notifications and every facebook thing on the desktop and will let user to comment or like it through notifications. It will support Natural language processing and will read every facebook feed so that it can understand what it is saying and store it in its knowledge base. I want to make an intelligent OS.