Monday, 25 July 2011

Indian Railway Searcher and Tracer!

After lots of hesitation I have finally started posting one of the small projects made in AutoIT.  This one was made by me last year. Now How it works??
  1. Firstly enter Name Or Number of the train in the Input box. Then click On Search.
  2. After the loading is complete it will show the trains with matching name or if you have entered train number then it will show you only one train.
  3. Then select your train and then click on GET IT
  4. After the loading is complete it will show you the Schedule and Current Position of the train.
The loading may take some time depending on your Internet Connection.
Requirements:Microsoft Windows with IE 7+, An Internet Connection :P
Here is the link to download it: Download
If you have any suggestion or complaint do tell me!!
Just post a comment!! I'll there! :)